Structural Studies of 𝑍𝑛𝑋𝑀𝑔(1−𝑋)𝑇𝑆 Mixed Crystals

Abstract – Search of New NLO material is a fascinating field of research today. In this view, in the present study mixed crystals of 𝒁𝒏𝑿𝑴𝒈(𝟏−𝑿)𝑻𝑺 for various values of x viz 0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 0.9 and 1 were grown by slow evaporation techniques. The density of the grown crystals were determined by floatation technique and composition was estimated from the measured density. The grown crystals were characterized by SXRD and PXRD. The lattice constants also been determined. The grown crystals are single crystals and they crystallize in to different structures like orthorhombic, tetragonal and hexagonal.

Keywords – ZMTS, Crystal growth, Density, Lattice parameter.

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Authors: G. Meena, N. Neelakanda Pillai


Hassle Free Travel

Abstract: – Every individual in our planet is busy in his / her own world these days. The busy schedules and work preoccupations of many people hinder them from spending nominal amount of time with their families.

To address this concern, we have come up with our MACH Tours and Travels, our motto being, “Breaching the Boundaries!” which aims at not only giving its customers the best and most comfortable tour, but also an enjoyable and memorable experiences.

We differ from our competitors in various ways. For a start, we emphasize that our profit is not in the income from this business, but in the satisfaction of our customers. Added to that, we focus on improving the ease of travel, the luxury of trip, the quality of time spent and the worth of pay.

There is a variety of customers we come across: some will want their trip to be extravagant, while some require it to be cost effective; some need a long vacation, while some choose just a weekend away.

Our mission: In order to meet the desires of this large range of people and to include all the factors of a hearty holiday, we have devised our strategies and planned our processes, thus, setting us apart from the others.

Our vision: As the main priority, a year from now, we target on contenting as many customers as possible through our services. The following sections of this document includes our roles in planning, decision making, staffing, leading and communicating in which we highlight various aspects of our organization, including the pros and cons of travelling with us.

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Authors: N.Sumathi, Alka Karan, Laksmi Rupanjali, Nikitha Narayana Prasad, Nivedha, Rajalakshmi, Sneha, Yashmitha Kumaran

An Online Tool for Predicting the Trajectory of the Spilled Marine Pollutant

Abstract – An online oil spill advisory(OOSA) system was developed for the first time in India, at Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) to serve the coastal community, regulatory authority and oil spill responders. It is achieved by triggering the oil spill trajectory model through web-interface. OOSA receives the inputs from the users in html feeds. Once after the submission of inputs, it automatically triggers the oil spill trajectory model and delivers the drift pattern of the pollutant at regular intervals, without the support from modeling community or officials of INCOIS. It is completely an automated set up. The system comprised the diagnostic mode of General National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Operational Modeling Environment(GNOME) in batch, which is triggered through web interface with the details such as, location, date & time of the spill, quantity, type of the oil spilled. The forecasted wind forcing and the current forcing obtained from our ocean state forecast(OSF)laboratory, were tuned and set in the prescribed format on daily operational basis. The generated trajectory is layered automatically on a webmap, so that the zones that are likely to get affected are known. Trajectory predictions were made online for the oil spill occured at Sundarbans delta during 09.12.2014 to 15.12.2014. The oil slicks were noticed within 1.3 km from the predicted locations. This paper explains the simulation of an oil spill trajectory model for getting the drift pattern of the pollutant at sundarbans delta, through web interface. The method of interpreting the results are also explained. This OOSA system is made available online, so that the users can utilize this during oil spills, mock drills and for preparing the local contingency plans. This system will also guide the oil spill responders, to manage and plan the response activities during the event of an actual or a hypothetical oil spill.

Keywords – GNOME, Modeling, oil spill trajectory, web user interface, validation, online.

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Authors: Prasad SJ, Balakrishnan Nair T.M, Krishna Prasad B, Kaviyazhahu K, Vijayalakshmi T

Effects of Varying Molarity in Fly Ash Based Concrete

Abstract – To use waste materials as alternatives in construction industry is an innovative thought. Now a day’s many wastes are used in construction industry like in cement production, for manufacturing of concrete and also for manufacturing of bricks. In all types of thermal power plants large amount of fly ash is librated. Which causes air pollution. So to minimize the quantity of generated waste material we are using it in construction. In this paper fly ash from different sources are taken to prepare the concrete. And in this cement is 100% replaced and for creating the bond in it NaOH and Na2SiO3 solution is used. Which form geopolymerisation process and acts as a replacement of cement in the mix.

In the present work, OPC is totally replaced, But cement is working as a binder in the concrete mix. The main task is now to form another binder in the mix, as there is 0% cement. Hence, NaOH (Sodium hydroxide), Na2SiO3 (Sodium silicate in the form of flakes), super plasticizer (Sulphonated naphthalene polymer based super plasticizer) is used in the distilled water. By using NaOH & Na2SiO3 in distilled mix in the concrete, polymerization process takes place which form gel in the mix and which works as a binder in it, after making concrete specimens of 8M (Molarity) & 12M  (Molarity) with the different fly ashes, specimens are treated with ambient (temperature) curing at 7 days and 28 days. And at the age of 7 and 28 days strength is tested (Compressive and Flexural strength)

After the (specimens) test results, it is concluded that NTPC Sipat fly ash based specimen gives more satisfactory results of compressive and flexural strength as compared to GMR Tilda fly ash based specimen. And also at 12 Molarity concentration of NaOH solution compressive and flexural strength increases as compared to 8 Molarity. Hence it is said that while increasing the concentration of NaOH solution in terms of Molarities (8M to 12M), strength of the specimens increases.

Key Words: Molarity, fly ash based concrete, Ready Mix Concrete, Ordinary Portland Cement, ambient curing.

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Authors: Pallavi Jakate, Sanjeev Verma,  Sourabh Asange

Nanostructured Anode Material (Ce0.4 Zr0.6) for Low Temperature SOFC

Abstract: – SOFC have much capability to become an economical alternative energy conversion technology.The nanoscale engineering have been incorporated to improve catalytic activity. We have made nanocomposite anode material for low temperature solid oxide fuel cell for operating at low temperature. The nanomaterial is made up by sol gel method. The material demonstrated the outstantding electrochemical out put 550 mv/cm-2 at 600 ◦C. anode shows good conductivity and crystalinity Keywords: Sol-gel, Nanocomposite SOFC, Impedance, XRD

Keywords: Sol-gel, Nanocomposite SOFC, Impedance, XRD

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Authors: Anjali B Bodade, Gajanan N Chaudhari, Manish M Fukate

Features of International Marketing


International Marketing is an important perception for various economies and countries of the World. The 90’s decade saw a significant change in the structure of International Marketing. Technology has changed with many new advancements and innovations. This has resulted in having better transport system, good communication methods which in turn has brought the whole world together and made it so small. Liberalization, privatization and globalization have made the term Global Market very significant in nature. This meant company could produce larger quantity of goods at cheaper rates just because of technical and technological changes. That’s why many companies are now forced to look beyond their domestic boundaries to get entry in global markets. Newer market meant bigger challenge to conquer them. This has made international marketing indispensable. International Marketing is a tuff task for many countries of the world as it offers both threats and opportunities to them. So, on one hand it means wide market area and on the other hand it means tougher competition for the countries to face. It has also resulted in bringing considerable changes in both domestic and international markets. Globalization & Liberalization has made the Indian Markets to shrink on large scale, fulfilling the needs and requirements regarding the same. It is also known as Multinational Marketing which again refers to the “marketing of products and services in more than one nation of the world. In short it tries to cover all those activities which are performed by a company at the international level maintaining international standards as well”. It covers the following things like:

a. Purchasing from and selling goods & services to foreign countries.

b. Allied activities

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Author: Prof. Ms. Shubhangi Vitthal Gaikwad

Aviation Meteorology

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to highlight the general terms and definitions that falls under the ‘common set’ in the intersection of the sets Meteorology and Aerospace Engineering. It begins with the universal explanations for the meteorological phenomena under the ‘common set’ followed by the categorization of clouds and their influences on the aerial vehicles, the instrumentation used in Aeronautics to determine the required Meteorological quantities, factors affecting aviation, effects of aviation on the clouds, and the corresponding protocols involved in deciphering the ‘common set’ elements. It also talks about the relation between airport construction and Geology prior to concluding with the uses and successes of Meteorology in the field of Aerospace.

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Authors: Yashmitha Kumaran, N. Sumathi

Analytical Research of TCP Variants in Terms of Maximum Throughput

Abstract— This paper is comparative, throughput analysis, for the TCP variants as for New Reno, Westwood & High Speed, and it analyzes the outcomes in simulated environment for NS -3 (version 3.25) simulator with reference to multiple varying network parameters that includes network simulation time, router bandwidth, varying traffic source counts to observe which is one of the best TCP variant in different scenarios. Analysis was done using dumbbell topology to figure out the comparative maximum throughput of TCP variants. The analysis gives result as TCP Variant “NewReno” is good when low bandwidth is used, while TCP Variant “HighSpeed” is good in terms of using large bandwidths in comparison to Westwood. Network traffic flow was observed in NetAnim tool.

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Authors: Archita Saxena, Manish Choudhary, Rakesh Khandelwal

Impact of Organisational behaviour and HR Practices on Employee Retention in Parcel Service Sector with Special Reference to Tamilnadu


Roads are constituted as the most significant component of India’s Logistics Industry, accounting for 60 percent of the total freight movement in the country. A majority of players in this industry are small entrepreneurs running their family businesses. As a result, Man Power Development Investments that pay off in the longer term, have been minimised respectively. Moreover, these businesses are typically controlled severely by the proprietor and his / her family and consequently, making it unattractive for the professionals. Poor working conditions, Low pay scales relative to alternate careers, poor or non-existent Manpower Policies and prevalence of unscrupulous practices have added to the segment’s woes for seeking employment. Thus, it could be rightly stated that the Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing and Packaging Sector is considered an unattractive career option and fails to attract and retain skilled manpower. Many Organizations have failed to recognize that Human Resources play an important role in gaining an immense advantage in today‟s highly competitive Global Business Environment. While all aspects of managing Human Resources is important, Employee Retention continues to be an essential part of Human Resource Management activity that help the Organizations to achieve their goals and objectives.


Employees working in the Transportation and Logistics Industry have their own issues in terms of Heavy work load, Deadline, Slim down employee benefits etc. The safety concerns of female employees are much important. Moreover, In Transportation Department, Drivers face issues such as increasing fuel cost, unpleasant road conditions, increasing vehicle maintenance cost etc. On the other hand, Office level employees‟, Administrative employees‟ in Parcel Service Sectors are dissatisfied towards their job as it lacks career path development. In general these issues strongly influence the attrition of employees.On the other hand, though the employees in these sectors are better educated and more qualified than ever before, they cannot raise their voice for the employee welfare or benefits. As the decision-making ability in the Parcel Service sector is highly centralised within Trucking Companies, it leads to unpleasant working environment. Based on the conceptual understanding, the current study aims to analyse the influences of Organisational Behaviour and HR practices on employee retention especially in Parcel Services sector, in Tamil Nadu.

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Authors: N. Sumathi, S. Parimala

Customer Satisfaction and Services Providing a Competitive Edge over Others

Looking into the term marketing with a bit of brevity shows us that at the very existence of the term it has been all about providing the needy what they need with in order to fulfill what is required by them in order to have a proper survival in terms of living a satisfactory life. A marketer more or less shares upon the highlights or the characteristics of a product to the one who needs the product in any ways possible making the customer realize on to how a particular product can solve the problem or need they possess in their lives, how is that going to affect their day to day living and it can be in any domain spread across attractive fashion trends or sugar less and cholesterol free food or some electronic goodie that could make their life much more simpler that what it is now. Therefore it could be summarized that a marketer more or less serves as a link in getting the needy what he/she needs the link may not be the marketer all the time it could be advertisements, campaigns, internet but the very representation of the information of the product to the outside world is where the marketer or marketing team plays the most important role, strategizing concepts, bringing in ideas, market research, analytics and a lot more. A very important part if we tend to take away from above written lines is the fact that at the center of whatever a marketer does lies the customer therefore his/her satisfaction on to using a certain goods is what transforms the good or the one producing that good into a brand. Bringing in new ideas will always have the jargons named customer satisfaction and services in them because without providing adequate services to the customer the retention of them would not be easy which could hinder the process of a particular company becoming a brand. Looking into why do we really need to do this after our product gets sold out? Tells us the fact how making in of a relationship between the company and customer makes things much easier, getting rid of a complicated marketing process.

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Authors: Abhi Mitra